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QRCode: Simplified access to bill of material and documents

Difficulties related to Identification plates Finding the correct documentation or bill of material for an equipement requires technicians to have some knowledge of the codification to find the relevant information on the Identification plate: Model, Technical reference, Serial number, Year of manufacture or age, etc. This information may also be difficult to read, for example, […]

33% productivity gain

VMI is one of the world leaders in the market for mixing equipment and technologies. The company designs, assembles and installs innovative equipment such as kneaders, mixers and automated mixing systems. The after-sales services extranet developed by RTE SERVICES, resulted in a 33% reduction in administrative burden, freeing up time for other projects.

On-board telematics and After-Sales Service

Haulotte called on RTE SERVICES to integrate its on-board telematics solution into its extranet service. The on-board telematics have now been integrated into the functions of the HAULOTTE extranet, which allows its customers to operate and maintain their fleet of machines through a single application.