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An IT solution that adapts to your expectations
Spare parts catalogue

Your up-to-date and interactive spare parts catalogue

Search engine

Search by model, part number or serial number to be sure you are identifying the correct part number.


Consult the detailed catalogue of materials for the model or serial number you are looking for.

Interactive exploded views

Click on the frame numbers in the exploded views to view information about the part.

Detailed information

Provide detailed information on each reference:

  • Reference, designation,
  • Packaging unit,
  • Status, availability, replacement,
  • List price, promotional rate, quantity discount,
  • Colours, dimensions, characteristics

Online Orders

Integrate orders into your ERP without retyping, and keep your customers informed of the progress of their order.
Document Libraries

Centralise all documents

All types of documents
Put all types of documents online
  • Installation instructions
  • Maintenance instructions
  • User Manuals
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Layout diagrams
  • Accessory Catalogues
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Diagnostic software or firmware
All types of formats
Put all types of documents online
  • PDF documents
  • JPG, PNG images
  • CAD documents
  • Software
Customer Relationship Management

Reduce solicitations and their administrative burden

Emails sent to the right recipient
  • Depending on the type of question submitted (sales, technical assistance, sales administration, …)
  • Depending on the geographical area or type of customer (country, subsidiary, distributors, technicians, end customers)
Request for quotations
A module integrated to the parts catalogue, adding new references, quotations and parts availability requests
  • Receipt of applications
  • Online response and follow-up
  • Management of sales discounts (line by line discounts, total amount discounts, transport costs, …)
  • Communication history
  • Transformation of quotations into orders after acceptance …
Warranty claims
Reduce the administrative burden of warranty claims
  • Automatic pre-verification of support requests according to your business rules: serial number, part references, quantity, diagnostic code, mandatory information, etc.
  • Ask for additional information: photo, invoices, attached documents, …
  • Online validation workflow to reject, accept applications
  • Communication history.
  • Transmission to your ERP for integration and support
Integration with your information system

A solution integrated into your existing information system

Automatically updated data

Your repository (parts, products, customers, prices, availability, etc.) updated daily and automatically by FTP, FTPS, HTTPS, WebServices, etc.

Support of many formats

Exchange information in different formats: TXT, XLS, XML, EMF, JPG, PNG, PDF, DWG, …

Real-time integration

Display your ERP information updated in real time: availability, stock, prices, …
Experience and user interface

A user interface adapted to all terminals

Responsive Design

The design of the screens automatically adapts to the resolution and type of terminal used.

Compatible with any browser

Connect to the site with browsers (Chrome, Edge, IE, Firefox, Safari, …)
A SAAS solution

A fully integrated SAAS solution

Implementation of the initial solution

Design, development, or configuration made to measure according to your business processes

High Availability Hosting

  • Site hosted by two datacenters to increase fault tolerance
  • Availability guaranteed


Corrective maintenance, support and assistance


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