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QRCode: Simplified access to bill of material and documents

Difficulties related to Identification plates

Finding the correct documentation or bill of material for an equipement requires technicians to have some knowledge of the codification to find the relevant information on the Identification plate: Model, Technical reference, Serial number, Year of manufacture or age, etc. This information may also be difficult to read, for example, if the Identification plates are engraved.

Technicians must then connect to the manufacturer’s website, identify themselves, enter the correct information described on the Identification plate to launch a search and then access the corresponding documentation or bill of nomenclature.

An inconvenient and error-prone process!

Plaque signalétique

Facilitate the search via QRCodes

The latest versions of DOCUMAT® simplify access to the documentation and bill of material of a machine using QRCodes:

  1. The manufacturer adds a QRCode onto the machines which contain a specific URL to the after-sales site developed by RTE Services.
  2. The technician scans the QRCode via their smartphone.
  3. The after-sales website automatically opens the page corresponding to the machine’s documentation or bill of nomenclature.
nomenclature après-vente


Free access or via authentication

All manufacturers using DOCUMAT® can decide whether technicians have free access to information or if they must identify themselves beforehand.

If authentication is required, technicians must enter their username and password after which they are automatically redirected to the machine’s documentation.

When access is free, technicians must subsequently identify themselves only if they wish access to all the portal’s functionalities (prices, orders, the entire catalogue, or others functionalities).

Configurable types of information

When access to the portal via QRCode does not require identification, the manufacturer may decide to limit the information accessible to only certain types of data.

For example, only:

  • User manuals
  • Bill of material without pricing
  • The availability of parts

For further information

Contact the RTE Services teams to obtain more information on this functionality or all the services included in the DOCUMAT® after-sales portal applications.